Smart Series homes by Nirmal Lifestyle will keep you active and ahead of time

In our bids to embark on more successful and materialistic journeys, we tend to brush aside essentials that should have been our priority in the first place. And by the time this realization dawns on us, the damage is already done. Caught by a maniacal frenzy of hectic work schedule pitted against a fast paced life, we push ourselves to the limit without realizing the damage we do to ourselves. Our health, mental as well as physical, deteriorates with every passing stressful day. We make plans of hitting the gym but who has got time for that. The elegant solution to this problem has been found by Nirmal Lifestyle Group by incorporating a dimension of fitness and health to their projects.

Smart Series homes by Nirmal Lifestyle group have been designed in order to re-invent the way we look at dwelling projects. It carefully incorporates essential elements to strike a balance of comfort, peace and health. Not only the projects offer more convenience, but also intrinsically help towards making your life healthier and more active.Nirmal Lifestyle has realized the importance of a healthy life and want to meld it in dwellers lives in the simplest and most effective way possible. The obvious by-product of our current sedentary lifestyle has been health problems like obesity and diabetes. The designers, while incepting Smart Series, laid enough emphasis on revolutionizing the design to optimize the benefits of living in the projects. To start with, they approached the projects with a clear thought of optimum usage of space, starting with stairs.

Various people consider staircase to be an obstacle and prefer resorting to elevators even for floor as low as the first. Beating this idea, designers have used ‘Active Stairways’ in the projects. These staircases are optimally placed and designed so that people prefer these to the lifts.

The fact that you will realize the amount of calories burnt on every climb or climb down further motivates you. The second staircase is meant for kids. Educational & fun is the theme for this staircase. Be it learning maths, science or geography, it makes kids Smarter.

By using outdoor gymnasiums, Nirmal Lifestyle intends to make open spaces as the workout arena. So whenever your kids want to play in the park, you know you have another reason to accede to it- another good chance to work out and embrace fitness. Why only kids? Even adults have boot camp areas.

Good Health is Wealth. Nirmal Smart Series homes will ensure you have access to ‘A’ grade medical facility.The annual fitness checkup conducted by Fortis is another strong reason to choose Smart Series homes. And not just health, the developers are also making the projects technologically advance. To start with, the apartments will have Wi-Fi facility. This will help devices and machineries to be in sync with each other. Smart Series homes would be incorporated by Nirmal Lifestyle in following projects:

  • Nirmal Olympia
  • One Spirit

Smart series by Nirmal also has ‘One Discovery’ – a smart commercial building providing similar technologically advanced features in the Commercial/ office building category. The Smart offices is built keeping in mind the professionals like CA’s Doctors, MBA’s & SME’s. The space starts at 560 sq.ft to 2200 sq.ft each unit.

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    As I was thinking give some modern n elegant look to give my home so I have made some construction over my home property through Nirmal Lifestyle. I am quite satisfied with the work done by them. Good one I am happy to be contracted with them.


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