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Social Media is popular among masses due to its reach and frequency rate. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also visited facebook headquarters in California during his recent visit to US, to convey the message of facebook’s global reach and the sense of connectivity it creates among people.
This social media platform is need of every individual who wants to stay connected with rest of the world and activities going around. Looking at this trend, numerous industrialists are promoting their business on facebook.
Real estate developers are receiving such a response from social media web portals which is increasing its end sales. It is not only benefitting the seller but also making the buying-selling process convenient for huge audience. And it’s not only limited to selling and promotion process. These realty experts are also spreading awareness on various issues and current trends in real estate industry.
Ravi developers need no introduction. Ravi Developers is Mumbai based real estate developer who is actively monitoring its web presence over the social media sites. Ravi developers is providing number of opportunities to its client base by making them aware of their projects and its specifications, and how it is going to fulfill their dreams.
Ravi developers is catering the needs of its customers from a long time. In this digital era they felt to cater that need digitally, as per the availability of customers. They are undoubtedly connecting with their clients, prospective clients and that audience which need to be made aware of current trends and specific issues in real estate industry.

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  1. Avatar
    Rahana Zubaidah

    I am not going to brag about Ravi Group here, rather I would like to draw people’s kind attention towards the edifices that the Mumbai-based real estate developer has crafted on Mira Road recently. Their work speaks for itself and they don’t have to promote it the way other realty experts do. Experience the difference on your own.

  2. Avatar
    Aakriti Mehra

    I recently booked an apartment at Mira Road, which is Gaurav Excellency. That 2BHK apartment is not only my dream house but also offer all those amenities which I wanted to have near my residence. I was on the lookout for a home in some society, which I found too. I also suggested many of my friends to invest here and seize the opportunity right now.


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