Nirmal Lifestyle gives a few pointers on how to choose the right real estate agent

Selling or buying a property, for rental purpose, residential or commercial is a daunting task. It needs one to have a great idea of market scenario and be familiar with the stuff that is up for sale or with the potential purchasers. This is a bit of a long shot for most of us. Now this is where we need a real estate agent to help us out and make things easier. But in a country like India, where the real estate sector is still diversifying and hence largely stays unregulated, choosing a good real estate agent is like finding a needle in a haystack. Ok, maybe that was a little too exaggerated but it is tough nonetheless. So, here are a few points from Nirmal Lifestyle that one must make note of before choosing a real estate agent.

  1. A little research from your side: an agent must have the relevant know how about the realty sector. So choose an agent that is familiar with the market scenario and offerings and holds the prowess in providing exactly what you need. Also, an acquaintance with the land and rental laws is a must. So before choosing an agent, do a little background research. Be sure to read the reviews over internet platforms and if possible, talk to the agent’s previous clients.
  2. Professional conduct: The way an agent works tells a lot about his stature and the expertise. First and foremost, the agent should work from a proper office. And if the office has a considerable number of staff, this will earn the agency a few extra brownie points. If the agency has a website, be sure to browse through it to know more about the agent.
  3. Interview: This is the most important phase. It will tell you all about the agent. Nirmal lifestyle suggests that you be specific with your questions as much as you can. The idea is to make sure the agent fits your requirement properly and if the agency can be of some help to you.

These little pointers mentioned by Nirmal lifestyle will surely come in handy when you’d be looking for a real estate agent.

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    vinay kumar jha

    I am thankful to nirmal lifestyle for sharing these pointers. It’s helpful for me now I can chose a right real estate agent.

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    kuldeep kaushik

    Hi this is kuldeep kaushik from my side nirmal lifestyle’s projects are good in quality and well made. I saw some of their apartments all are good and well built with all modern facilities.

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    Suresh nayak

    I am thinking about to invest in a property. I asked to my friend and he suggested me this article where is some tips to choose right builder, it’s helpful for me. Thank you nirmal lifestyle and thank you Rahul for this suggestion.


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