Housing.com acquired Home Buy 360 for 2 millions

A Soft Bank-backed real estate search portal of Mumbai recently acquired Bangalore based startup of sales software of real estate, HomeBuy360 for the amount of 2 million dollars. The latter provides a CRM platform along with online sales of property which brings developers, buyers and agents together under the single digital roof. The company claims to provide platform to more than 70 developers in 7 Indian cities in the last 4 years and helped them in accomplishing their goals.

On the other hand Housing.com claims to be one of its own kind that have its own CRM software unlike many other real estate search portals who doesn’t. They are planning to extend their service for the convenience of 20,000 more real estate developers across India. The software is planned to be channeled in their own data science laboratory along with existing data of the firm and analytics of realty which all will eventually complement each other.

The CEO of interim and COO of Housing.com, Mr. Rishabh Gupta referred the developers as key stakeholders who drives the efficiency in the real estate sector. He also mentioned that they want every developer to use their HomeBuy360 so that they can bring down their operating costs along with their selling cost.

Last year Japanese software SoftBank invested in Housing.com which is one of those fortunate tech companies who were a part of their billion dollar investment plan in India. Nevertheless the company grabbed a lot of attention in the past few months regarding its conflicts with the co-founder and former CEO Mr. Rahul Yadav, it still managed to come out as a maverick and promising company which acquired third company this year so far.

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