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Home is where the heart is! With this excerpt in mind, Excel Dwellings ventured into the arena of real estate aiming at creating something exceptional that the world would marvel at. With sheer determination and poise, Excel Dwellings, a brainchild of 4 real estate professionals with active experience of over 40 years, entered the fast-growing yet highly competitive real estate market of Bangalore in 2013. Since its inception, the company has seen a tremendous evolution, all for the better. The trajectory that Excel Dwellings Bangalore has traversed since 2013 is nothing but spectacular. The superior response in favor of our flagship projects works as an impetus for us and keeps us striving for success.excel-dwellings-india-pvt-ltd-logo

Started with a clear-headed vision, they are bold enough to convert every challenge  stumbled upon into an opportunity to flourish.

The hands on deck experience of  founders has always been a key factor in channelizing the efforts of various teams involved and align our strategies towards a common objective.

The esteemed leadership, from the commencement itself, has clearly envisaged the working of Excel Dwellings.

As quoted by famous American author Maya Angelou, – “The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”
In the eon where our competitors stress upon building ‘home’ and not just a house, Excel Dwellings emphasize upon raising the bar by a few notches. They share a common sentiment of providing their customers with something more than just a home. Company believes in creating structures that are not only an extension of their customer’s personality, but also imbibe in them a sense of safety, security and mental peace. The prowess lies in the fact that all their projects have been strategically designed keeping in mind the comfort of the customer.

The project locations have been selected after enough explorations and analysis and are directed towards catering to the different demands and preferences of the customers. Ranging from their centrally located premium projects that bring the world to a customer’s door steps to the lakeside sprawling peaceful ones , not to forget the flagship ‘Sports villa’  , the company has  it all to suit to a customer’s needs. Projects are so strategically located that basic amenities like hospitals, markets and institutions are in vicinity, easily approachable through well connected roads.

Excel Dwellings understand that buying a house is a big investment for any customer, so they make it a point to create all their projects a safe and rewarding investment with good future returns. Also, the fact that all their projects are free from any legal land problem whatsoever becomes a big respite for the customers.

In a country like India where budgeting becomes the most detrimental factor in buying a property, all their projects have been priced reasonably and carefully. This assures that every dime spent by the customer on an Excel Dwellings’ project would be worth the experience. And since all their projects are duly approved, home loan from a bank is never a problem.

Along with a trust worthy brand name, what comes attached with an Excel Dwellings’ project is the premium level of quality that they want the customers to enjoy, be it their cutting-edge construction or the quality of intricate detailing like bath fittings, kitchen fittings, flooring etc., the customer would never be disappointed. The customers should feel free to check every nook and corner of the house and they would realize that quality is not something that Excel Dwellings compromise upon; and they take pride in that!

One of the paramount things that Excel Dwellings focuses upon more than anything else is earning a customer’s trust. They try their level best to maintain a high level of transparency and divulge on as many details as they can without any intention of duping the customer. High business ethics is a strong trait of Excel Dwellings.

An investment made with Excel Dwellings will leave the customers with no regrets.

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