Corporate Football Tournament sponsored by Oceanus Group to stress importance of sports

oceanus group's corporate super league


Bringing up the amalgamation of work and sports, Oceanus group sponsored the red letter event for football enthusiasts– Corporate Super League-Football Tournament. As over a period of time, it has been realized that bench-work culture is doing harm to employees’ fitness. Sitting all day is nothing less than toxic. So what has come up as a response to it is the bringing sport activities to office.

Corporate Super League-Football Tournament was biggest of its kind in the country and witnessed participation from all the top-notch corporates. The trophy has been bagged by TESCO and the runner-up award by Accenture out of the 24 corporate teams that participated in the event. The four teams that made to the semi finals were TESCO, Accenture, Mu Sigma and, Wipro. TESCO fought against Wipro and Accenture against Mu Sigma. The teams which made it to the final match were TESCO and Accenture.

Corporate Super League-Football Tournament had declared Rs. 50,000 cash award for winner, Rs. 25,000 cash award for runner-up, and Rs. 20,000 worth cycle for all individual awards. The sponsor Oceanus Developers had announced free jerseys for all participating teams and exciting corporate awards for all the employees of the participating companies.

A poll for the people was also held during which they voted for the teams they felt were the best and the players who fought hard. The best team award has been bagged by Wipro with TESCO leading on the second number, Frontier on the third, IBM fourth and Tata Consultancy Services fifth. The best player was bagged by Alok Kumar followed by Ashish on the second position, Nikhil Suresh on the third, Mohammed Arshaque on fourth and Vineeth on fifth.

The spokesperson for Oceanus Group said that the event was a great success and saw participation from over 20 companies. The matches were fought till the last goal with equal and unmatched enthusiasm. It is always great to organize such events as they promote team spirit while bringing up the importance of sports in our everyday life.

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