‘Bengaluru debuts in top 20 commercial real estate investment cities’- Oceanus Group

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Oceanus Group, a prominent name in real estate sector states that Bengaluru is one of the most lucrative options for commercial real estate investment. It is among the top 20 technology-rich cities. Bengaluru has bagged a position in the list of top 20 commercial real estate investment cities in the world. It is featured at the 20th position in the property consultant Jone Lang LaSalle’s latest Asia-Pacific city investment intensity index. Oceanus Group points out that according to the index, Bengaluru proves to be an apt option for investors in commercial spaces like core business park/ office investments.


The volume of direct real estate investment over a period of three years relative to the current economic size of a city is compared in the Asia-Pacific city investment intensity index. Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul, Sydney, and Hong Kong are the top five cities across the Asia-Pacific region. Oceanus Group states that the index might under-represent the foreign investment interest in Bengaluru and other Indian cities as equity investments are reflected by the figures at the asset level.  The major cities like New Delhi and Mumbai figure at 34 and 42 positions, respectively. The low figure of these cities highlights the fact that the index is focusing on only dynamic and mid-sized cities that are commendable in terms of attracting investments. The cities like New Delhi and Mumbai have enough real estate investments but due to their large size which is way bigger than Bengaluru and the index being a ratio, they figure lower in these cities. Bengaluru, being way too small than the political and financial capitals of India yet manages to lure many realty investors in comparison of its size.

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  1. rohan

    Oceanus Group has become a top most real estate builders in the market and they know how to make their path on which they can reach on the top position.

  2. anugya

    Real Estate sector has become more popular in Bangalore as everyone knows that Bangalore is one of the top most IT cities which has popular companies headquaters and for those who come to work here they need an affordable house…Oeanus Group fulfill their needs by providing them the same.

  3. Aadi

    I have an apartment in one of the project of Oceanus Group which has all the facilities availble under one roof and that project is totally into my budget. I really wish Oceacus Group for this position.

  4. fatima

    It’s good to know that Oceanus Group has featured at the 20th position in the property consultant Jone Lang LaSalle’s latest Asia-Pacific city investment intensity index. We are hoping it will be soon in the top list series.


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