Real estate and stocks come back to life post-pandemic

Analysts suggest investors to remain judicious on realty stocks and purchase where there are credible promoter backings and revenue visibility.

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Progressive economic recovery has paced up and resulted in attractive home prices. According to the analysts, it is a great time for investment in stocks of real estate companies.

For investors with spare funds looking for the right place to invest, buying residential property now can be a good option from a long term perspective. However, the return expectations of investors should be realistic too. Especially, from the stock market perspective, given the sharp run-up in these counters since their March 2020 low.

Pointers to be kept in mind while investing:

  • The decision to invest in real estate or stocks purely depends on your financial situation, risk tolerance, goals, and investment style.
  • Both Real estate and stocks have different risks and opportunities.
  • Real estate is not as flexible as stocks and requires more time and money. Although it provides a passive income pipeline and the potential for substantial appreciation.
  • Stocks are subject to economic, market, and inflationary risks, but don’t acquire a big cash injection, and they generally can be easily bought and sold.

Pros and Cons: Real State

– Passive income– More work than buying stocks
– Tax advantages– Expensive and illiquid
– Hedge against inflation– High transaction costs
– Ability to leverage– Appreciation isn’t guaranteed

Pros and Cons: Stocks

– Highly liquid– More volatile than real estate
– Easy to diversify– Selling stocks can trigger big taxes
– Low transaction fees– Some stocks move sideways for years
– Easy to add to tax-advantaged retirement accounts– Potential for emotion-driven investing

So purchase wisely, think twice and invest as per your bandwidth!

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