Property registration picks up pace in post-pandemic Hyderabad

As businesses began to pick up slowly, slots for property registration in Hyderabad have increased. The second wave of the deadly COVID-19 virus necessitated a lockdown and curtailment of non-essential activities for more than 28 days. However, the re-opening of registration facilities saw many applicants come forward to do the needful.

Due to an unanticipated number of applicants and limited booking slots, the Stamp and Registration Department officials increased online registration slots from 24 till30-50, depending on business needs. The large turn-out is a testament to the exemplary performance of Hyderabad’s realty sector, especially during the pandemic. The sector stood fast and even recorded positive numbers, thanks to players like Modi Builders, a real estate company in Hyderabad. Although sales have dipped slightly due to the second wave, the city’s realty sector is still going strong unlike other states.

Tier 2 and 3 cities like Hyderabad have witnessed an increased influx of working professionals and newer generations looking to settle down. The presence of real estate companies like Modi Builders has been a big positive for those new city dwellers. From luxury villas in Hyderabad to flats in Secunderabad, Modi Buildershas a considerable presence in Hyderabad’s realty scene.

Notable projects like Edifice and Elegance grace the city’s skylines and provide affordable homes for interested buyers without compromising on quality. Numerous apartments and residential projects in Hyderabad form a part of Modi Builders diverse portfolio and lend credit to the company’s reputed name in the state’s realty sector.

As the daily slots for online registration increase steadily, Hyderabad’s real estate industry will pick up the pace in the coming days. The Sub-Registrar Offices (SRO) are functioning normally and heavy rushes are becoming a familiar sight again. Online servers experienced technical issues causing delays and backlogs. However, officials confirmed that appropriate measures were being taken to fix all the technical glitches and streamline the registration system.

Hyderabad’s strong showing when it comes to real estate can be attributed to its attractiveness as a growing IT hub and its open spaces compared to metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Adding to this are developers like Modi Builders that have been rolling out housing projects at affordable prices. If the current trend continues, the city will continue to outperform bigger metros and its sister-cities when it comes down to the numbers.

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