Peri Urbanization: A boon or a bane in disguise

Measuring the limits of any major city in India seems to be an impossible task as their boundaries look endless. Extensive expansion of the municipal limits is often described as urban sprawl or Peri urbanization. 

It can be accounted as the new urban reality of India. The visible changes are mainly witnessed in the form of high-rise buildings and gated communities developing around the major cities. Furthermore, the demand for new real estate, commercial, and residential spaces calls for horizontal expansion of the cities.

The current model of Peri urbanization

The ongoing urbanization pattern shows a following of the American model for creating a downtown and the need for automatic-motors to connect them. Peri-urbanization is the next big step in India’s story further reinforced by factors such as private investments and capitals.

It is effortless to spot Peri-urban areas through their features and operation than to look at fixed geographical regions. These areas are transitional in character with intense land use change, rapid migration, and the new emerging lifestyles that replace pre-existing models of urbanism. However, some of the essential modifications raise a question on environmental sustainability, lack of safety, and its civic status.

Vague Civic status and safety problems

Despite commitments and set criteria, the existing features of these areas often pose significant challenges in the acquisition of the appropriate civic status. These newly developed peri-urban areas often face problems with water supply, sanitation, garbage collection, street cleaning, and lighting. Thereby, creating safety issues, especially for women and children.

Environmental Imbalances

This emerging trend to create new towns, smart cities and city expansions present tough challenges to the concept of peri-urbanization. Also, the growing demand and economic pressure creates a mismatch with the more significant areas of emerging towns and cities resulting in environmental vulnerabilities. Therefore, it becomes necessary that the concept of sustainable development is implied.

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