Digging up of Balewadi complex road leaves residents annoyed

The construction work and digging up of the road in Balewadi’s F Residency without any prior warning or information by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) workers, the residents are facing a lot of hassle lately.

As per the sources, the road being dug in the complex was illegal. More than 60 families are said to move into the complex over the last few months.

“We were alerted to work going on outside our gates at 4 pm by a message on our social media group, which sent most of us rushing out,” said one of the residents.

“Gate No. 4 was already dug up and out of bounds for usage. Unfortunately, all the other three gates of the complex also open to the same road and if it is completely dug up, we cannot take out our cars,” he added. Even on foot, the uneven surface will be a challenge to negotiate, especially for the elderly and children, he further pointed out.

As a matter of fact, the road under construction also connects the neighboring areas. “We are not opposed to PMC working on the road, but we have to be given some alternative options for mobility in and out of the property. In the absence of streetlights, the uneven sandy road could become accident prone,” said another resident of F Residency, Mandar Khanorkar, who works as an IT security manager.

In the words of Anshu Almeda, a linguist by profession, “The residents have spent months waiting for the road to come up. The debris on the stretch earlier was dangerous for the children and as school buses refused to ferry them in on the kaccha road, they were forced to walk home from the main road.” She urged that some temporary road be provided for the children and the elderly, pointing out, “Given that there is no evident timeline for PMC to complete its work and monsoon is just a few months away, driving in and out of this place would turn into a nightmare.”

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