Useful home decoration tips you must consider for 2020

It is that time of the year, when we lay down ‘New Year Resolutions’ to make our future better and brighter. But, what about the house we live in?

Our home deserves attention on every special occasion, as it is a place where we get more comfortable than anywhere in the world. Here are some New Year home decor ideas to make your living spaces more attractive:

Subway Tiles:

Be it your kitchen or bathroom, subway tiles are never out of fashion. The glossier version of these tiles makes them a better bet for New Year. They not only add to the dazzle, but also offer the ideal accent to the modern kitchens.

Open Shelving:

With every passing day, open shelving is becoming one of the most prominent trends. Wooden shelves are further adding to the style. With bamboo wood bowls and handmade ceramics, you can experience a major change in the layout of your kitchen.

The need for blue:

The purest form of blue color can make your walls attractive, with furniture instilling more confidence in your vibrant ideas. It is one of the top trending ideas for 2020.

Living room glamour:

It is not a bad idea to welcome 2020 with oodles of glam with hanging lamps. Fairy lights and fixtures will create a spotlight to give a dramatic look to your living room.

The extra space:

When we talk about decoration ideas, it isn’t always about adding more things. Creating more space is a part of the decoration, which makes your living spaces more valuable and attractive.


These were some of the top ideas that will give a new outlook to your living spaces in 2020. If you want to add more ideas, comment in the section below!

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