Space-saving tips by Jayraj Builders to make your home appear bigger

Everyone wants a bigger, more comfortable home. Ever wondered how can your tiny nest be transformed into a spacious home? With latest advancements in interior design, this seemingly impossible task has become possible. Interior design experts at Jayraj Builders Vadodara have come up with some marvelous ways to create some extra space in smaller homes.

Keep it minimal

If you live in a rented house or cannot afford to remodel your house, you can pull out some extra space by moving the junk out. There so much stuff crammed in our homes that we seldom use. Keep only the stuff that you really need and donate or sell the extra stuff. A tidy arrangement of the things that are left would make your home appear more spacious than ever.

Let there be light…

Lighting plays a very important role in the overall appearance of a room. In order to make your home look bigger, you can try removing the blinds and letting the sunshine do its magic. According to interior experts at Jayraj Builders, natural light tends to brighten up the surroundings, making a room look bigger. Alternatively, you could use indoor lights to create an optical illusion of a room being bigger than it actually is. Light colored wallpapers and paints also do the trick.

Fold it up!

To create some extra space in your not-so-big apartment, you can replace your conventional beds and sofas into those which could be folded and transformed into something that takes up a tad less space. A bed that folds up and poses as a wall, racks that could be folded up into blinds, or a sofa that could be folded and transformed into a bunk bed are some of the options available.

Perfect fit

Another way to free up some space in your home is to use pieces of furniture that could fit into each other, suggest interior design specialists at Jayraj Builders. A set of chairs that could fit up into one unit or a tea table that could fit with its chairs in the shape of a cocoon are some of the examples.


Have another space-saving idea? Let us know.

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