This winter, try a Multipurpose Capsule Wardrobe – Here’s Why?

Every girl’s trouble, a wardrobe so double, unable to find the right outfit that makes you grumble. If that’s a page from your daily life, then you’ve come to the right place to find the quick solution.

If you struggle to find the suitable attire amidst a sea of clothes falling over your head and wish to put an end to this ordeal, then here’s a prized suggestion to be thankful for: Capsule Wardrobe!

Yes, it is time to get a capsule wardrobe to fix the problem and completely revamp your monotonous closet. The groundwork has been done for you. So, you can just read and follow the steps and viola! You’ve got a brand new wardrobe in easy-peasy pointers.

So, what is a capsule wardrobe?  It’s basically an assortment of well-curated attires to help leave a lasting first impression on the visitors and get the look you’ll absolutely love with pieces purchased with a purpose.

Concept of Capsule Wardrobe

During the 1970s, Susie Faux started a boutique called ‘wardrobe’ in London compiling a set of subtle clothing that was of finest quality, versatile and easy to mix and match. The primary goal was to let females feel good about the way they dressed up and looked.

Capsule Wardrobe concept spread like fire to the United States in 1985 and the credit goes to Donna Karan for launching her Seven Easy Pieces clothing line. She showcased the models in seven clothing pieces by churning out several outfits from them. The fashion show became an instant success and the minimalistic apparel approach won the hearts of many. This is how the concept became a rage. It makes our lives simpler and convenient. But talking about the ‘hows and whys’ in next segment.  


  • No stress dressing up

No more stress, dear damsel. Nobody wants a frown on a lovely face because of menial worries like choosing the appropriate dress for the important evening or that official meeting. Save the cringe for bigger concerns of life. This is taken care of. With everything neatly and perfectly curated in your closet, there’s no space for confusion or stress.

  • Saving precious money

Because most of your pieces are assorted into a subtle yet versatile style, you can save a lot of money. Not only this, you can mix up the outfits to pair with other classic pieces, doesn’t that spare you from buying heaps of clothing that you anyway won’t wear after couple of months (or weeks for some). Instead invest in some elegant clothing that goes with everything and can be styled for different occasions.

  • Choose Outfits Quickly

A well-curated wardrobe means no time wasted in deciding what to wear and what not. You have certain vintage and evergreen articles lined up to help you pick your outfit of the day quicker than toaster pops-up the bread. It’s that simple.             

  • Sustainable and long-lasting

Imagine having versatile pieces in your wardrobe that almost mix and match with every outfit. They have a minimalistic yet a classic style that is timeless. Isn’t such a wardrobe more sustainable than your existing one? You bet the answer is yes.

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