Right colors can help bring positivity in your personal spaces. Here’s how!

Everyone wants their home filled with love, serenity and bliss. Energies many not be seen but can be felt, and so is the impact caused by them. Dabbing tinges of the right colors can help bring positivity in your personal spaces. To know if colors really help, try painting some Vastu approved colors at your home and see the vibe changing already!

Being one of the Feng Shui techniques to declutter your personal space and let positivity flow in, appropriate colors can boost health and energy, say property experts.

It’s essential to paint your house according to Vaastu Shastra recommendations. Consider these colors for definitive spaces in your home, as a positive home makes positive people:

  • What should be the color of the Master Bedroom?

Ideally located in the southwest direction, the master bedroom walls should be painted in taupes, neutral, and other light colors such as pink, light blue, etc.

  • What should be the color of the Living Room?

Vastu says that the living area should be serene but not dull, as it is the focal room of any house. Therefore, go for a color palette mix including bright and lively colors.

  • What should be the color of the Kitchen?

The color for your kitchen can be a little quirky as the perfect direction where it should be outlayed is southeast (ruled by fire element). You can go for deep colors or even unconventional choices of brown and silver.

  • What should be the color of the Bathroom?

The Vastu approved color scheme for the bathrooms, the most private place in a house, includes shades like light yellow, blue or white. If you want to inculcate modern paint and design, vibrant teal can also be a good option.

  • What should be the color of the Pooja Room?

The ideal direction for outlaying a Pooja room should be the northeast part of the house, according to interior experts. Cream, light peach, yellow, green, etc are the best colors for your prayer space.

  • What should be the color of the Main Door?

Main doorway is the place where energies cross the threshold. Shades of white are most suitable for the area.

Play with a bunch of warm, and cool colors to give your house the freshness, and energy it deserves. Positive energy shifts in your home will transcend into people that live in it, which will ultimately bring growth, and better quality of lives.

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