Productivity And You: Tips To Set-Up The Perfect Workspace

The on-going pandemic has awoken us to the reality of our homes. Most of our living spaces are neither equipped nor conducive to handle a Work-From-Home (WFH) profile. However, our panel of interior design experts has come up with valuable inputs to transform your home into a productive home-office.

• Space Is King

A majority of us are used to set working spaces and struggle to adapt to the relaxed spaces of our homes. Hence, designating a select corner as a workspace is paramount to optimize productivity at home.

• Right Tools For The Job

Choosing the right furniture is another key area which is often neglected. Our panel of experts at Modi Builders recommends using a desk or table between 2’ to 2’6” for optimum comfort. An ergonomic chair is also essential and makes long work hours bearable.

• Space Engineer

While most apartments have not been configured to accommodate a WFH lifestyle, you can still make use of small spaces and vertical wall shelves to maximize efficiency. We, at Modi Builders, would like to add that all of our apartments are fully reconfigurable for a WFH environment.

• Work ASMR

Supplementing your workspace with décor and calming audio goes a long way in helping you go the extra mile. Inspirational quotes or artwork combined with soft music can work wonders.

• Light Up Your World

Lighting is another key aspect which has a direct effect on both your productivity and health. Poor lighting can affect your concentration and also strain your eyes leading to a loss in productivity as well as unwanted side effects.

• None Shall Pass

Just as we treat our homes as safe spaces, your workstation should also be given the respect it deserves. Filter out all the unwanted distractions by getting rid of excess clutter around your work space. You can even set physical boundaries to demarcate such areas.

The transition to a work-from-home environment has necessitated certain changes in our daily lives. Keeping this in mind, every apartment of ours has been designed to support such a lifestyle with minimum hassle. After all, Modi Builders, Builders in Hyderabad, take delight in designing homes as per the needs and requirements of our esteemed clients.

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