Mirror Mirror on the wall! Adding Grandeur to your Home

One key element that brings opulence to your décor is ‘Mirror’. It synonymous with versatility, sophistication and oomph while being a personal favorite. Of course, mirrors are available in all shapes, sizes and styles to enhance the entire look of the living space.

Lighten up a room

If your hallway is somewhat narrow, a huge mirror on one wall can make the space look bigger. Using mirrors cleverly work like a charm in the dark or narrow spaces. The lights you may have tucked there will reflect on the mirrors and expand the space visually. They give you ample opportunity to leave a great impact in a congested space as well. Pick a mirror with an eye-catching frame or borderless mirror in an enticing texture or color that supports your décor.

Making a room appear larger

Want to lend an illusion of a spacious room? Use light shades on color-chart with a combination of huge mirror hung cleverly to hide the weak points of the space.  Furniture with mirror can also be used to make any living space appear larger. For example, a mirror-top accented table is an ideal way to expand the area visually.


There is not a restroom in sight without a mirror that is minimalistic yet exudes a sophisticated vibe. Simply placing a mirror in the nature’s call room lends a classy appearance to it.

Glamming it up

When mirrors are well-placed around the interiors, they add magnificence to the ambience. Try putting a variety of mirrors in different shapes diagonally. They not only look intriguing but also stylish. Moerover, placing the mirror atop some furniture makes it look even more visually appealing. However, keep in mind the suitable height for the required space. There are decorative piecesavailable too that add to the beauty of your home décor.

Placing mirrors in your living spaces in the right spots can emphasize the overlooked areas by accentuating their visual appeal and adding required glamour to the piece. This is a perfect opportune moment to turn a monotonous space into mesmerizing view.

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