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The living room is a place where the family gathers, it is a place where you discuss things together, it is a place where eternal bonds are formed while conversing plainly. It is also the place where the family hosts guests, a place where you catch up with your friends and relatives. Of all the rooms in your home, living room acquires greater exposure.

Below are a few home decor ideas that can transform your living room:

Sense of Space

Pale wooden furniture on soft grey tones and white details keep the place looking bright and airy.

Tilted Mirror

Rest a brawny styled mirror against the wall on the mantel without hammering, and it will give a laid-back masterpiece look.

Lush Leaves

Fill your underused corner with a big leafy houseplant, and it will immediately become the focal point of the room. Put the pot in a basket matching with the theme of your living room.

Blue and Grey with traditional wood pieces

Soften the hue in your living room through the shades of blue and grey with traditional wood pieces that will add the depth to your living room décor.

Velvet Sofa

Replace the big sofas with the velvet one with pretty seating and make your living room feel airier. As you know, nothing is more luxurious than velvet.

Sheer Curtains

Replace heavy fabric curtains with the lighter ones, to highlight the tall ceiling, just put the drapes about a foot above the windows and door. It is the quickest way to let the dim natural light to your living room.

While we have mentioned only a few, there are other several ways to insert personality to your living room. Please comment in the section below if you have some ideas.

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