Interior designs that will rule the roost post lockdown

The nation-wide lockdown enforced due to COVID-19 has brought the life to a standstill. The people are engaging in all sorts of indoor activities to keep themselves occupied. However, as soon as the lockdown comes to an end, we are likely to witness a new trend.

Having spent all the time indoors, many people are likely to bat for an enhanced living space after realizing the importance of the same.

Gorgeous green

In the last month or so, we have all understood what it means to have a lot of plants inside your home. They not only bring a green tinge to our living spaces, but also improve the quality of air, while bringing the nature inspired hues inside the home.

Lively and open spaces

Most of us would bat for a beautifully decorated home any day of the week, even if it is not that lively and engaging. The last few weeks have taught us how important it is to have lively and open spaces that are helpful in combating the stress. So, this type of interior designing cannot be undermined in the future.

Privilege of playroom

A​ ​number of people have felt the need of developing a kind of playroom inside the house during the lockdown. One can not only bust the stress by playing games, but can also kill the time during uncertain and unusual situations like the current one. When your mind remains occupied with some kind of activity, you tend to feel relaxed without thinking too much about the outside world.

All in all, the world will never be the same after lockdown. Similarly, the interior designs will also change as soon as the pandemic is over. Our focus will shift, our choices will change and we’ll start to appreciate things that we take for granted.

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