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Curtains have become an essential part in the decoration of a house. Besides their basic functions of controlling light and the amount of privacy, curtains play a vital role in enhancing the look of a room. They are available in a diverse range of colors, textures and quality as per the modern fashion trends. The choice of curtains in a room holds a mirror to the tastes and preferences of the person. They have a style statement and an essential accessory for creating a perfect ambience.

lancaster designer curtain

Lasncaster Designer Curtain

polo plus designer curtain

Polo Plus Designer Curtain    

Focus Frame luxury interiors  offers a wide range of curtains and drapes that will transform your home into a designer abode and add the perfect finishing touch to it. There are various options available of the designs, patterns, size and specifications which can be customized as per your requirements.

The designs can be selected according to the theme of the room or to give it a complete new look.  Alba designer curtains can be selected to give a modern yet elegant look to the room,Lancaster Designer Curtains (Ivory) for embellishing a simple décor, Sussex Designer Curtains for the people who love traditional patterns, Sashey Designer Curtains for a glittering effect with golden leaves and Somerset Sheer Designer Curtains for a classic and contemporary look.

Other options available for curtain designs include Viola Sheer Curtains for finely woven tailored look, Dortmund Designer Curtains for a textured fabric look, Francis Designer Curtains for a draping effect and Polo Plus Designer Curtains for a color blocked design. Parisian Classic Designer curtains by Focus frame interiors are apt for a modern sophisticated look with tonal grid pattern, Angelique Designer Curtains for sheer classic style,  Belissima designer curtains for a scrolling textured design and Chaumont Sheer Curtains for a stripe designed contemporary style.                                                                                              

Various other exclusive designs like geometric patterns, bohemian look, floral designs, kids themed designs and trendy colorblock designs can be selected from Cassandra Designer curtains, Marco designer curtains, Flora designer Curtains (Aqua), Kids Flora Curtains and Polo designer curtains offered by Focus frame.

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