Common Mistakes People Make while Decorating A Small Living Room

So you have a possibly small living room which is a perfect amalgamation of pieces stuffed together and displaced articles in lesser space? Well, there is room for improvement in every space.

Giving a beautiful illusion of a larger space comes easy when you avoid making the common mistakes people make while decorating a small living room. Fret not, we’ve done the homework for you:

  • Putting bulky furniture

Bulky furniture spreads out too much, avoid shelling out money for it. Just like you pay heed to the color or type of article, also see if it’s huge to place in your premises. Try to pick more streamlined pieces to create a significant difference.

  • Cluttered space

Nobody likes to exist in a cluttered space. Not only does it make any living space look untidy but also repulsive. Additionally, it makes the room appear smaller than it actually is. A spick-and-span room has a very alluring vibe. Try to streamline the living room because this is the last place which should be left cluttered (pun intended). It makes your space look great and spacious.

  • Not utilizing the vertical space

If you’re not using your wall space which is devoid of windows or doors strategically, it is time to do so.  Use artwork and similar decorative material to perk up your space. Instead of utilizing your floor area entirely, remember to make use of walls.

  • Not creating a comfort factor

When designing a living room area, always focus on embracing the comfort factor. Because this space is an epitome of coziness blended with elegance. By focusing too much on making a small room appear larger, don’t forget to make people feel at ease. Place subtle cushions, pillows and curtains to make the space look exquisite. Make sure you are giving a layered appearance to the living room.

  • Where’s the light, honey?

Using artificial or natural light breathes a new life into a darker room. Small rooms can visually appear larger by using appropriate light fixtures.  However, allow natural light to fall into the room as it brightens up the ambience and uplifts the vibe instantly. Try adding mirrors in a unique shape that add to the visual appeal of the living room. Lamps around the room also lend a designer look to the space.

Hopefully, these insights will be instrumental in making your living room an exquisite space that is inviting to the guests. Following the aforementioned designing hacks will make your living room appear neat and tidy.

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