Can a ‘green’ office increase employees’ productivity levels?

A company’s preference for green or sustainable office spaces is believed to promote eco-friendliness and reduce the overall energy consumption levels, leading to lower operating costs. However, if increasing an employee’s productivity through the green approach sounds unconvincing, one might want to rethink!

A study conducted by Harvard found that when employees work in green-certified office buildings, they get a 26% boost in cognition, 30% decrease in sickness-related leaves; respondents also reported a 6% increase in their sleep quality.

Green spaces are proven to improve thought function, lower stress levels and enhance creativity. With respect to this, many commercial real estate builders have adopted the much talked about ‘green approach’ in their buildings and construction. Several leading real estate firms with wide portfolio of commercial spaces in the metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Chennai, provide a multitude of facilities in their corporate establishment, successfully incorporating green architecture.

If we talk about what would be the maintenance cost and effort, green buildings make good business sense, delivering return on investments within three to four years. However, the use of resources and technology may lead to additional revenue for constructing a green building, they certainly offer great rewards and benefits in the long run.

The operating cost for a green office building tends to be less as compared to a conventional one. International companies also look forward to leasing sustainable buildings with local demand also growing, further contributing to the increasing share of green landscaping in the country.

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