Breathe new life into your homes with these plant decorating ideas

Sustainable furnishing is the lifestyle of the millennials. Making personal spaces bright and lively is what people want, and who doesn’t like being close to nature, right? Greenery can add life and color to your dull city apartments.

Not just figuratively, but adorning your homes with plants can literally breathe a wave of purified, fresh air, making you feel invigorated. Here are some plant home decorating ideas to revamp the look of your apartment:

  1. The concept of indoor gardening has gained popularity over recent times. Gardens in hanging baskets add to the beauty of your home. Suspended on ceilings or fixed on walls, as aesthetically pleasing as they look, they also have easy maintenance. Also, they do not take the floor space, so you have plenty of room for your furniture.
  • Fill your desk with plants to add color, and quirkiness. Plants are a proven form of visual therapy as well. “They relieve stress and make a home seem cozier,” say experts. Therefore, keep plants over your desk space, keeping few succulents, or a baby cacti, bamboo plant near/on it.
  • Use fancy pots. Ranging from ceramic, metal, polymer to handmade electric pots, there are tons of options available, making your plant area look more interesting, and vibrant. Pots and planters are fancy interior pieces that add color, and aren’t heavy on the pocket either.
  • It is not necessary to use the entire plant, rather subtle use of a branch or frond can add the perfect punch of green to a room. Without making the area feel too full, they add the plant beauty to a space, and go beautifully with modern designs and spaces.
  • Being the centerpiece of your personal area, plants can be placed anywhere, like your bathroom, kitchen (have your own personal herb hub), living area, etc. They are versatile and can quench your personal needs for decoration or plant parenthood.
  • Placing plants near the sitting area is a common but ideal practice. Cover up the extra space behind the furniture, and fill it up with plant options such as parlor palm, umbrella papyrus, etc.

Stretch your green thumb with these plant home decorating ideas. Plants can be put at different levels (floor, drapes, and shelves) depending on your preference.  They add charm to your place and also bring calmness and serenity. Start planting your space and bring in the good vibes!

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