Add these elements and put the bling of Pop Art in your Home Decor

Pop art- is all about adding soul and color to your house. With the bold artistic vibes and the statement making graphic imagery, you can add up an element of surprise in your house. A pop-art inspired house influence the rest of your décor takes your interiors to the next level.

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Pop art is wry and irreverent with a big sense of humor. Having a Pop Art-inspired space can be uplifting to one’s mood and create engagement.

This style is really about keeping the space in a high-contrast palette with pops of bright color, elements of black and white and unexpected moments. The style is based on modern popular culture and mass media, with a critical or ironic comment on traditional fine art values. Pop Art adds color and social commentary.

home decor

Pop Art works on the concept of mixing, the decor in the room should match and play with the energy of the room. Certain contrasting elements in the home décor ideas can add a layer of personal element. Often Pop-Art paintings or art pieces can be placed with different furniture styles to platter of mixed styles, colors and patterns.

Your home should tell a story and Pop- Art adds the bling of excitement, individuals can add wall décor and accessories in contrast with the white wall. Even colorful furniture pieces and patterned rugs can be added to the floor to bring out the contrast. As the floor comes alive, the furniture should include curved or organic sofas which compliment the retro-futuristic to make it come alive. Furniture, such as a curved or organic sofa or a pair of retro-futuristic furniture can be juxtaposed with the styles to create a vibrant energy.

Art pieces or wallpapers can be retro inspired, with optical or graphic prints. Bold colors and glossy surfaces complete the look of your home décor. Pop art can seem abstract but if done with contrasting themes it can charge your entire home.

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