7 ways to make your house look expensive without spending money

Decorating the house requires nothing but a set of simple techniques. While people spend a good chunk of money to make their house look expensive, you can do so for free. Here are a few techniques to adorn the house without sending a rupee.

Green your house

There is nothing more beautiful than nature. Bring the fragrance of Mother Nature in your house and create an astonishing environment. Garlanding is an incredible decorating idea. You can add a couple of fruit drawers and flowers pots in every room.

Mirror makes magnificent milieu

Purring mirrors in the right place is a great way to decorate your house. Applying a big reflector on the wall opposite to your bed makes the room look fantastic. In addition, mirrors brighten the house by reflecting the extra light.

The philosophy of color-coordination

Color combination is one of the finest theories for giving an aligned outlook to your house. Putting common colors such as red and parrot shade for opposite walls of a room is an awesome decorating idea.

Display positive thoughts

Make your walls the display boards of thoughtful messages. Put a series of frames with inspirational quotes and thoughts. You can show your artistic potential and paint the walls of your own room to give it a beautiful flavor.

Old jars into vases

Utilize old jars to give your dining table a decent look. Wash them properly and put artificial flowers. They can be used to make great candle stands.

Book it

Books are always beautiful, for knowledge as well as display. A bundle of good books gives a sensation of inspiration. Place the stack beside your reading chair and pick the one you want to read. The guest room with magazines and literature books is highly appreciable.

Rearrange the furniture

Probably one of the easiest home decor ideas to give your room a brand new look is rearranging the furniture. Every time you do so, the room looks different.

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    Soniya Kapoor

    Such a beautiful and indeed the best article. Loving how it has explained the importance of small and little things in our homes. We must try these tips into our home decoration.


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