How Drone will be trendsetter for India’s real estate sector ?

India’s real estate sector is gearing for a techno haul, after the country passed new drone regulations in December 2018. The 3 dimensional (3D) mapping of properties will not just become a powerful tool for marketing, but will also boost transparency and liability. Also these unmanned flight vehicles have become popular in many sectors, and the real estate industry is the newest to include drones to improve its services.

The ministry of aviation recently set of DGCA norms regarding the use of drones in the real estate sector, and it will be enacted from December 1, 2018. This won’t just help realtors but will also help reach the target audience with intended inputs.

Proposed Rules for drone technology

drone technology in real estate

The Ministry of Aviation has laid out norms how drones can be used and when. Some examples of the proposed regulations are:

  1. All civilian drone operations will be restricted only during day time, and flying will be restricted within visual line of sight, which usually would be 450 meters
  2. Every private owned drone should be registered with the ministry of DGCA
  3. Civilian drone are not allowed in these locations: airports, cantonment area near international border, coast lines and state secretariat complexes
  4. Drones can be used in time of disasters like floods and earthquakes to speed up the rescue mission.

However, it should also be noted that drones should not be out of sight of the operator’s visual sight. The government has identified 23 sites across the country where drone technology will be put to general use to assess its additional usage.

Benefits of drone technology in Indian real estate sector

Drone technologies would enable real estate professionals to take aerial photographs of the property as well as nearby amenities, making view of the property more feasible to interested buyers. Till now the only way to obtain these images from a helicopter. Through drone technology, sellers would provide valuable information to buyers about the interior of the property also. In other words, drone technology will provide smooth tour to the interested buyers without climbing stairs or riding in a lift.

Location is the primary indicator for drone technology

Builders or real estate. Any property located near beaches or a river would certainly benefit from aerial photos. This method would surely impress buyers, once they access these images.

Drones are soon going to be part of people’s lives as various industries find uses for them.

This unmanned objects are surely going to change the game of corporates when it comes to commercials and even residential sector in the next few years.

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