Simple Hacks to Prevent Rental and Landlord Scams

One of the most common reason why tenants and landlords are seen at loggerheads is rent deposits. Just recently legislation to protect tenants has been introduced. Despite this, many unethical individuals devise new strategies to perform rental scams designed to rob tenants of their money. So, it is crucial to know the signs to avoid falling into the trap.

This article will shed light on possible pitfalls that can hold potential to cost you a fortune. However, the best part is law is favoring the tenants who may fall prey to these horrendous scams. Below are some significant tips to pay attention before going ahead with the deal:

  • Searching Rental Property via Legit Agent

The first and foremost important step is to look up a rental property with the help of an established agent to avoid any scams.  Doing this ensures a hassle-free tenant experience.  Estate agents examine potential tenants for landlords, reputed agents also work hard on the homeowners represented by them. This diminishes any possible disputes and if they arise, they can be resolved using the acceptable official channels.

  • Keeping Proof of Every Transaction

To avoid losing hard-earned money in a rental scam, it is highly crucial to keep a record of each transaction. The best way to safety is not paying in cash for anything. Opt for bank transfers, debit or credit card payments because they have electronic records which can be used as evidence in the dispute later on.  

  • Getting the Lease Agreement in Written

After visiting the property and agreeing on the lease terms, it is pivotal to get the agreement in written. The basic reason is that oral agreements can be denied or changed afterwards and the tenant might have to agree to the terms then. That’s why it is advised to have both the parties sign the agreement which is the ideal way to begin your tenancy.

  • Tricks to Avoid Fraudsters in disguise

Offering unreasonable contract or posting misleading photos can be a sign of rogue landlord. Another sign is they might try to claim tenant’s deposit due to lame reasons. Always go by trusted property agents.

  • Never ever go for Sub-Leasing

Do not rent your property to someone else as sub-leasing could prove to be detrimental to the tenant and profitable to the landlord.

Tenants should bear in mind that rental and landlord scams can be prevented by not judging a book by its cover. It implies that don’t be fooled no matter how authentic or sophisticated the agents look. By implementing the aforementioned tips, it won’t be too late before you find out true colors of rogue landlords.

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