Real estate treads on the path of IoT and artificial intelligence to bring in more buyers

Today, when technology is changing the way we live, it is slowly surprising us with things beyond imagination. Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence are now a part of the real estate industry and the incorporation of automation is luring in an increasing number of homebuyers.

The availability of home automation products as an offering to the buyers is what the market is witnessing. Though it adds to the overall cost, the market is slowly warming up to incorporating these products, due to their advantages.

Hi-tech products that use cloud computing and sensor technologies are also being deployed to include wellness intelligence into the environment.

Home automation products like video door panels, motion sensor based light and security systems that use Wi-Fi are a common installation in homes. Other remote-controlled appliances or app-controlled devices such as geysers, televisions and air conditioners are also becoming common, especially in metro cities.

The applications and devices, which are mostly being designed by new-age startups, have improved and overcome the initial issues. Power savings and malfunction warning are two of the major developments visible in most of the products.

The keen interest of both sellers and buyers in this category of products has attracted investors’ attention too. With increasing trend and acceptance of these products, more number of investors are backing up companies producing these tech-savvy products. Companies are teaming up to change the basis of home appliances and security systems. Intelligent machines are bringing in well-connected homes that offer residents reduced stress, improved sleep quality, better home environment and good health.

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