India’s real estate industry, embracing technology!

Technological advances have become very vital in every industry. With the potential to optimize business operations and bring a change in industry standards in the real estate sector, commercial real estate (CRE) technology is rapidly evolving. Professionals are concentrating on revolutionizing the current commercial real estate market.

A lot of emerging CRE technology use big data, machine learning as well as Internet of things (IoT) in order to crack the market code. Today, we have brought to you a few examples of the same!

  • Social Media Platforms

Carrie Bobb, Carrie Bobb & Co believes that residential real estate is far ahead of its commercial counterpart when it comes to social media marketing, leadership, awareness and transactions, and they must adopt the same!

  • Data Analytical Tools

Technologies that cut down significantly on time spent in assessing a deal and a submarket at both macro and micro level are emerging currently. Aggregated demographic trends and patterns allow investors to make decisions quickly!

  • TRIMM Software

Increasing in popularity, TRIMM (turns, renovations, inspections and maintenance management) software for maintenance and facilities management. It’s demands today are greater than ever before. Various activities, people and third-party vendors are highly directed to deliver frictionless operations and a great resident experience.

  • Smart Locks And Access Control

Today, safety is the biggest concern of any client. A secure realty experience will get you more clients!

  • 3D Technology

The residential sector is adopting different technology, CRE on the other hand is yet to catch up. 3D tours like Matterport are popular tools used in RE today.

There are other technologies that are coming with a realty based and cater to different needs, like, keyless entry and video monitoring, automated data entry, block chin technologies, virtual tours, process management tools and more!

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