Effective Tips to Spruce up your Home

It is crucial to revive your living space every now and then. Especially, when monotony sinks in and the ambience begins to feel dull, the time to spruce up your heavenly abode has arrived.

No need to grey your hair over these minor concerns. Here are some simple yet effective interior hacks that will breathe new life into each nook and corner of your residence:

Fresh Daylight

Interiors look far brighter and better when you allow oodles of sunshine to pour into your living spaces. It not only helps you in bringing ventilation to the entire area but also gives an illusion of a spacious house. Also, letting in natural sunlight is crucial to enliven up the atmosphere and uplift the vibrations of the house.


Adding a hint of greenery to the interiors ushers in freshness and a pop of color leaving the inhabitants relaxed. The visual appeal of vegetation spruces up the room yet regulates the temperature.

Removable wallpapers

If you’re the type that likes to see refreshing new changes in your ambience, then opt for removable wallpapers. You can change them whenever you want to see a brand new wall pattern or texture. Try playing with a potpourri of colours, patterns, etc., for your dream space.  

Cushions in unique variety

Try to pick new variations of colors, accents, prints and textures in cushions. Update those throw pillows in alignment with motifs, shapes and different hues. Pile some of them up over the couch and bedroom as well.

Brand new rugs for floors

If your carpet seems worn out, you can either get it fixed or buy a new one.  There is also an option to go for patterned dhurries or antique Persian or use the leftover rugs in good condition for small spaces. You can also leave the squeaky clean floor as it is.  

Lampshades and fixtures

Now, lamps level up the style quotient of your abode. They are a reflection of your aesthetics and personal style statement. Buffet, minimalistic wall sconces, arc floor lamps will instill a new sense of life into boring corners.

Spick and Span space

This should rather be the first point, anyway. A decluttered space looks more inviting and alluring than a messy one.  Also, a tidy room makes you feel mentally relaxed and wipe out traces of anxiety. A happy mind implies more productivity and a better life ahead.  

Accessorize your interiors

Wall hangings, curtains, fixtures, other home décor items you can get from inherited or travel souvenir collection or flea market bargains add spice to dull interiors. Besides these points, please ensure that your polishing, replacing and cleaning them often to give your paradise a new look.

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