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Horizons Cottages is a premier realty-centered news website that shares essential topics and ideas relevant to the real estate industry in India and the world. To achieve such credibility in the global scene, Horizons Cottages employ the best-of-the-best individuals to contribute and add value to the website’s extensive efforts. Therefore, we are proud to present to you the excellent individuals behind Horizons Cottages global efforts.


Hassan Nazareth (86)
Flexi-Payment Plan Review – The most preferred payment plan for properties

Hassan is one of our Senior Analyst here in the Horizons Cottages realty blog. He received his degree in strategic journalism from the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media. After his extensive practice of the degree, Hassan moved to New Delhi and contributed to various media platforms. One of Hassan's most significant achievement is covering the transition of Indian's realty sector.

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Amolika Kale
Amolika Kale (4)
Review: Facility Management Companies shift focus on user experience

Kale is a psychology major, but due to her passion for journalism and informing the nation about essential topics, she pursued an online strategic journalism course. Since 2015, she has been contributing to multiple websites with different niches. But, her interest in business and the realty sector drove her to contribute to the Horizons Cottages News Blog.

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Kim Ramaswamy
Kim Ramaswamy (4)
Blockchain-Operated Real Estate Could Increase Transparency In Transactions

Kim started her online career with Horizons Cottages as an Intern Journalist. After fulfilling her degree in journalism from the Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, she joined various social activities and platforms that exhibit her skills in media coverage and strategic journalism approach.

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Jayshree Raja
Jayshree Raja (212)
Virendra Mhaiskar: The man behind IRB Infrastructure’s success in BOT and other projects

Jayshree is a professional journalism graduate and has been contributing to various news/media outlet as a regular feature and editorial writer for over five years. Mostly, Jayshree thrives on business conglomeration and development, especially on the realty sector. His strategy includes in-depth research on current trends and provides analytical views on the pros and cons to expand reader's understanding further. In his spare time, Jayshree spends a significant amount of efforts in helping commoners expand their knowledge in business and finance.

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Siddharth Purohit
Siddharth Purohit (2)
GST to propagate the much-needed changes in real estate sector

Siddharth has been in the real estate industry for over six years. He has been a corporate salesperson, influencer, and news contributor to various sites. Siddharth received his degree in journalism from Delhi College of Arts and Commerce.

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