Prime Indian realtors are here to change your customary homes for good!

We are on a continuous look-out to take our standard of living to the next level. From changing our personal space interiors to integrating international decor with our traditional living, India has always been starry-eyed towards wanting an international standard of living. With International influence in Indian real estate being prompted by the desires of homebuyers, many developers like Pacifica Companies, Nahar Group, Prestige Group, are coming forward to inculcate modern living in the projects they set up. Penetrating into new areas of Indian real estate, the upcoming projects provide wide-ranging facilities, promised to give you a heyday housing experience.

Not just focusing on space and design, the developers are now focusing on the state-of-art amenities such as landscaped gardens, play area, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, yoga/ recreational room, swimming pool, spa, Jacuzzi, ample parking space, and smart security systems.

Talking about what prompted the change, the dab of luxury and modernism that Indians now crave, might be an answer. The unprecedented drift towards a lavish lifestyle is increasing with the rise in people’s disposable income. Also, luxury and international living have always been synonymous terms in the minds of our Indian customers. Bringing you more comfort and a taste of high-end living is what the realtors are now aiming for when it comes to reshaping spaces.

Developers are taking both residential and commercial developments to a whole new level. They pay extra attention to project specifications as well as red-hot facilities. Ranging from idyllic floorings to imported kitchen accessories or sanitary ware, they have got all your needs covered.

Pitting builders against builders: why is the competition actually good?

Builders in India are not only trying to outdo each other with providing the latest amenities but also are outdoing themselves too, from their previously established projects. This pit is proving to be fruitful for the customers as they have a variety of available options to look for.

Keeping the fantasy alive for customers takes creativity, inspiration and a lot more than spadework. And our developers have taken it upon them to meet the challenge.

Increasingly, even township projects are constructed keeping in mind the best of amenities to extend a holistic living experience to the end user.

Manju Yagnik, Vice-Chairperson, Nahar Group says, “Nahar’s Amrit Shakti is our township project which is a successful lifestyle project, inspired by global living. We are constructing Mumbai’s largest podium with residential towers and plus a garden atop, which is 70% completed.”

Making modern living mass-aspirational, the prime Indian developers are focusing on bringing excellence and opulence at your doorstep, literally!

The government, in its earlier budget, stated unequivocally that infrastructure development and housing are two important sectors that are going to be the dart points in accelerating the growth of our country. Development in infrastructure is directly linked with better residential and commercial housing markets.

Realtors like Nahar Group are building a better future of living for their customers by leveraging on their expertise, echoing the concept of international living in India. Excelling in the quality parameters and collaborating the best practices in the industry, developers are changing the face of real estate in our country. Integrating the best of technology and design, developers would spare no effort in delivering a unique experience to their prospective buyers.

For a homebuyer, comfort and convenience are major aspects, but the modern homebuyer is looking for more. They take into notice aspects like simplicity, functionality, elegance and under indulgence in embellishments.

The influx of developers of repute have taken it upon them to initiate a transition in the housing department, with both them and customers having a symbiotic opportunity for growth. With exclusive luxury projects coming up in metropolitan cities such as Nahar Group’s Amrit Shakti, Prestige Group’s Hermitage or Mahindra Luminaire, extravagance is no longer being restricted to a few. The very idea of “home” has been renovated by these major realty players.

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    Vandana shetty

    Munju Yagnik, vice-chairpperson of Nahar group is doing great work.. She is a very dedicated women towards her work.

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    Suchi Roy

    I think Nahar group is doing good work. They are working on the International standards that is good for the whole country.


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