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Real estate is quite a vulnerable industry. The biggest challenge in this sector is to satisfy the needs of the customers that keep on changing from time to time. For a real estate developer, customer reviews and feedback play an important role to make or break the business.

Customer Reviews influence the decision of buyers and investors. This is why they are the backbone of every business.

Knowing the importance of the same, Modi Builders value the reviews, feedback, and complaints of their customers, instead of batting a dead eye to them. For Modi Builders, reviews are just like marketing agents that provide the necessary information about the perspective of buyers and investors.

On the other hand, customers write their hearts out about the experience they have with Modi Builders.

Here is what some of the customers have to say about the builder:

Mr Sudhish Kumar, who has recently bought a villa in the Golden County says “It is one of the finest projects of Modi Builders. The location is fantastic and the amenities are adorable to say the least.”

Another customer, Mr Sourav Kalra, who is living in the Splendor Apartments says “I was looking for an affordable apartment that could also face the test of the times. I finally got a flat in Splendor Apartments, where I have found peace. A big thank you to Modi Builders.”

Many other customers share their experiences, which the realtor takes into account. For Modi Builders Reviews are as important as the quality of structures. A customer, namely Mrs Agnihotri shared her feedback about the gymnasium in Sterling Homes. The experts at Modi Builders took the feedback into consideration and came up with a solution in quick time.

According to their experts, reviews are more important for a company than customers, who look for feedback on the internet. It is an integral part of research and analysis. For Modi Builders, the sole objective is to satisfy the customer, and learning from reviews is the first step in that direction.

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