Make your home easy-to-clean with these tips

A neat and tidy house is what everyone wants. However, a scruffy house is every homemaker’s worst nightmare.

 To help you in keeping your house as good as new, interior designers have come up with some wonderful tips on how to make your home easier to clean.

The walls

Wall paint gets dirty over time. Dirty-looking wall paint can embarrass you just as much as a wall art done by your toddler. Invest in good quality scrubbable wall paints.

The furniture

Although wooden furniture looks glorious, it’s bulky and requires high maintenance. Switch to metal furniture with classy designs. Alternatively, you can also use bamboo furniture to give a rustic touch to your home.

The upholstery

While leather looks good and is a safer option with kids running around, it catches stains easily and is hard to clean. Interior design experts at suggest replacing leather with something that could be cleaned easily, like faux leather. If you still want to stick with leather, refrain from choosing light colors like ivory or white. Choose dark colors like taupe, brandy or charcoal black which aren’t dandy.

The floor

The most ignored part of any room – the floor. It is the most used and often the dirtiest part of a room. When compared to conventional floorings, stained concrete with a protective sealer is the much more durable and easy to mop. However, there are plenty of other options available, such as laminates, hardwood or luxury vinyl floorings.

Keep it minimal

Nothing can beat minimalism. According to the interior designers, if you want a clean and manageable home without having to spend a fortune, go for a minimal interior design.

Know of some other tips that could be useful? Let us know in comment section below!

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