Indian Real Estate: Rising Need For Planned Student Housing Complex in India

A developed infrastructure, good transportation, better education facilities, job opportunities— few of the things that lead to immense migration towards tier- 1 or metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru in India.

Over the years, increased internet penetration and awareness has augmented this recent urban agglomeration, where quality education system has been a major emphasis. Developing nations in the world nowadays are trying to adopt the same facilities of the western world, by offering the provisions, which are professional and integrating social, cultural norms as well.

Of it, the need for dedicated student housing campus is quite essential, considering that about 8 million migrant students are dependent on private housing options.

With the presence of unorganized housing and issues such as over-accommodated PGs, poorly maintained spaces, limited amenities, customer support has been affected badly. The recent demand has been to improvise the housing sector, where one focus is to create dedicated housing complex for students, so that they can study and grow effectively.

Planned cities will always go a long way. Take an example of Chandigarh. This city was designed right after India’s Independence and to this day, we have cleanliness and transportation intact. Therefore, a planned student housing complex is what we require in this urban agglomeration and this can only come via a good public-private sector collaboration, says Mr. Jayesh Dave, MD  Jayraj Group.
There is a need to create separate, student-specific housing solutions that allow freedom of lifestyle choices. Organized student housing companies, with their new-age outlook and a focus on professional management can bolster this with attractive concepts and good rate policy.

As per Anindya Dutta, MD and Co-founder of Stanza Living, planning and security and management aspects lead to a sustainable, scalable and transformative residence experience.

A smartly planned, vibrant living spaces and well- maintained buildings coupled with good digital services would make it easy for the both the students and landlords to conduct the regular business, says Jayesh Dave.

Thus, the future emphasis would certainly be on delivering quality accommodation services so that the students can lead a healthy life and concentrate better on their education.

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