Hyderabad – In The Race To Becoming A Megacity

Amongst various metropolitan cities that are rapidly changing, Hyderabad is generating employment and wealth. Owing to the increasing number of jobs, people from all over India are settling in the city. Not only this, it is also in the race to join the club of megacities with population above 1 crore by 2030.

The international standing of the city is such that the United Nations considers Hyderabad as the hub for tourism and information technology.

With the number of jobs that the city has to offer, along with the amount of space that it has for new residents to settle down, the population is expected to rise. Various realtors, including Modi Builders, Ashoka Developers and Builders, Vamsiram Builders and others have been playing a crucial role in defining the landscape of the city.

Migrants from various walks of life are coming to the city every day in search of work. Thus, they are on the lookout for houses that fit in their budget. While some search flats for sale in Hyderabad, there are others who are interested in the luxury villas in Hyderabad.

These multiple options available in the megacity make it a place for all. One of the topmost cities to live in India, Hyderabad has companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon and others. Not only this, the median salary that the city offers, ranges from Rs 4–5 lakh per annum.

The opportunities in the city give salaried people some of the most essential things, such as work-life balance and growth in salary. Leading the country’s information technology prowess, the metro city has risen to a new podium in a very short span of time.

Talking in detail about the residential aspects, the numerous flats and villas for sale in Hyderabad are coming up in locations such as Kukatpally, Bandlaguda, and many more places in the outskirts of the city. These areas offer ample space in and around the apartments. Also, the improving infrastructure of the city has given the outskirts a new definition.

The well-built roads connect the residents to all other areas of the city. There are multiple IT hubs coming up near these areas that will make it easy for job-goers to reach their offices on time. Malls and shopping complexes nearby offer convenience to the residents.

It is a combination of all these things that give Hyderabad a place in the most preferred locations of the country. With jobs and modern living spaces by developers, such as Lodha Group, Modi Builders, Prestige Group and more, it is attracting more and more people every day, and offering them the life of their dreams.

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