Internet saves the day: How realty market can stay afloat during pandemic lockdown

The continued impact of the coronavirus including quarantine and social distancing measures has left many businesses thinking about new ways of running their operations — and the real estate industry will also need to adjust. In addition to facilitating efficient transactions online, one of the top builders in Hyderabad, Modi Builders, has helped in compiling some practical tips to keep your property marketing campaigns moving.

With many residential listings on the market (according to a report reviewed by Modi Builders), agencies are looking for solutions that allow them to continue to transact property – particularly if consumers are subject to further isolation and quarantine measures which can make the familiar arrangements a challenge.

Strategies to contain the spread of the virus, such as enforced isolation and public gathering restrictions, have left many agents seeking solutions that will allow them to work with as little disruption as possible.

Experts at Modi Builders highlight that platforms like 99acres,, MagicBricks, etc, provide an online process that does exactly this by allowing vendors and agents to continue to list and negotiate properties under management.

The online apps also allow buyers – who may be in enforced or voluntary isolation – to indulge themselves with home-hunting as they normally would, but from their home, office or other chosen location.

Technology has played a significant role in businesses during the nationwide lockdown. Regardless of the fact that ongoing project deliveries might be affected due to the lockdown, the availability of existing projects through online house hunting apps, real estate firms are likely to benefit.

Modi Builders suggests that in the interim, we can expect some spike in developers opting for digital listing. With the housing portals emerging dynamically, it is imperative that developers make significant moves to retain their customers.

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