Offering your house on rent? These are the things you should know before becoming a landlord!

House renting tips for landlords

A home is not just a home for us, but its our Heart. So while renting a house we should be very careful. Giving a house on rent is no more just about collecting monthly rentals. In fact, the job of a landholder involves numerous roles – realtor, salesperson, supervisor, negotiator, debt collector and middleman for repairs.

Successful landlords understand the importance of building a bond with different tenants and adjust to the problems that can occur at any time. While many cautious owners are altering their rental agreements with stricter policies, some do not even know where to begin.

Leave your worries as Horizons Cottages got some great home renting tips for landlords !

House renting tips for lanlords

House renting tips for lanlords

It’s your property. Stay close.

Staying close to your property will allow you to supervise it better and carry out any immediate repairs yourself. Moreover, in case it is vacant, you’ll need no time to show it around to your prospective tenants.

Comprehend the legalities involved

Buying a property, renting it out and making money seems an easy task to majority of property-owners. However, a lot of legal rules are involved that the landlords must abide by. Discrimination among different types of tenants is against the law and is a direct violation of basic rights of people. Landowners must remain aware of all the legalities while presenting their house on rent.

Background check of tenants

Conducting a background check of the tenant is being aware of his prior behavior criminal history, family background and financial status. Screening the potential tenants will make them informed and empowered landlords. Tenant registration in India is a legal requirement and most of the owners skip this essential process. Landholders can conduct a short interview session with the tenants or can also know about them from the past landlords.

Ensure timely rentals

A good rapport with tenants is always favorable, but landlords must avoid being overfriendly. You must ensure that the rent is paid on time to avoid any delay. Property-owners must not accept any partial payments as you might get out of the business shortly.

Modify rental agreements

Stating the dos and don’ts, you can modify a standard lease to fit your situation, as a landlord. For example, you can mention in the lease if you do not allow the pets. Other rules like remodeling of property can either be mention in the lease or conveyed verbally.

Landlords must keep these tips in mind before putting their house on rent. However, they must not put unnecessary restrictions on the tenants.

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