Review: Facility Management Companies shift focus on user experience

Facilities management organizations are expanding their horizons. They are not just limited to building and maintaining, but also focusing on the comfort of its occupants. Here is how automation, technology, and environment-friendly processes have joined hands to provide the ultimate user experience.

Prioritizing the well-being of people

A corporate office building is accountable for the welfare of people. With IT Parks and complexes, it is pivotal to provide facilities to employees as well as visitors. Gone are the days when a generalized approach would put expectations to rest.

This is where facilities management companies step in to provide an ideal working environment. Moreover, an increase in facilities like a soundproof cabin, coffee machines, smoking rooms, etc. have been known to accelerate the productivity of an employee

Facility managers are continually trying to provide the best possible working conditions. It is because they understand the fact that long working hours and heavy workload makes an employee spend 70 percent of their day in the office. If sufficient conditions are not provided, then the work-life balance could get hampered due to stress or anxiety.

Features like thermal control, good lighting, and proper ventilation are installed in office spaces for the all-around comfort of working professionals. Even the infrastructure of working area is being revamped so that the feeling of loneliness or concentration issues do not affect any individual.

Limitless Future Scope

Internet of Things (IoT) is the technology behind a lot of gadgets that are a part of daily life nowadays. They collect data and creatively use it through a product to target a domain of everyday life. Majority of people have seen the technology in action with wearables and fitness gadgets, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

IoT holds immense potential to make every nook and corner of an individual’s environment interactive. One of the most promising devices is Beacon. Back in 2015 when Google launched Eddystone, Beacon technology has given solutions in endless industries. The United States uses Beacon technology in their stadiums which guides a spectator to their seat.

Currently, Beacon is being used to handle the crowd in limited spaces like a hotel, malls, and auditoriums, where Wi-Fi connectivity is readily active. Apart from that, there is a constant effort of using the Beacon technology for navigation, security purposes, and smart meeting rooms.

Facility management companies are maintaining a keen interest in such technological wonders and striving consistently to imbibe them in work environments for the best user experience.

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