Effective measures to ensure quality construction

Judging the quality of construction can be difficult with the market flooding with the so-called high-grade constructions. Investing in properties which are new or not older than 1-2 years is often a gamble. Many developers cut down their costs on quality as buying a plot is too heavy on the pocket. However, there are a few ways you should actually consider to check the quality of construction. Read on and follow them whenever you are on a lookout for a new property:

Foundation: Cracks will not erupt on the exterior walls if the property has a strong foundation. So make sure that quality and standardized products are used in the right manner.

Paint: Good color pattern and quality paint not only appear appealing but also contribute to extending the life span of the infrastructure. If a developer hesitates to invest in paint, it showcases that the surfaces of the property would need to be worked quite often.

Fixtures: All the home accessories like taps, door handles, electrical switches and boards, window frames, etc, must be of a reputed brand with a good warranty period. Facilities like lifts should be of high-rated brands and be maintained by  reputed management agencies.

Open areas and landscaping: The projects which encompass abundant spaces or open areas provide value for your money and also increase the resale value in the long term.

Use Checklists to Conduct Inspections: Quality inspection checklists keep you organized and ensure that all your pointers are verified. It allows you to check whether a specific task is delivered as per your specifications or not.

Define the Right Way: If you encounter any discrepancy, feel free to connect with the installer or developer and understand their viewpoint that why they didn’t do a particular task as per your specification as not all differences are wrong and the installer’s method might be better in the long run.

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