Do’s and Don’ts of Real Estate Photography

Clicking quality photographs in Real Estate can be quite a task. The key to attracting customers and cracking the best deal lies in clicking pictures that are pleasant to the eye as most buyers search for homes on the internet these days. And the saying, “What we see is what we believe” makes good photography absolutely necessary. The below listed Do’s and Don’ts will help you in getting the desired results:

Do’s of Real Estate Photography

  1. Take a picture from the curb: The front of your house is the first thing the buyer will see. It is crucial to click a perfect picture of this spot as it could be the deciding factor for the buyer.
  2. Open Front Door Trick: While clicking pictures, make sure you open front doors completely. This will give the buyer a wider view of the house and help him/her envision himself/herself entering into it.
  3. Capture selling points: Make sure you include the best sections of the house in your photographs. For instance: Balcony, Backyard, Bathroom, and Kitchen of the house should be beautifully captured.
  4. Architectural Details: It’s hard to capture architectural angles in your photographs. However, getting a hand at the archways, nooks, and crannies can surely amp up your selling game.

Don’ts of Real Estate Photography

  • Avoid using Phone Cameras: Despite the fact that phone cameras these days are of excellent quality, they still can’t capture pictures like DSLR camera. It’s always better to hire a professional photographer for completing the task.
  • No mirrors: Be careful to check your surroundings before you start with the process. You surely don’t want to capture your reflection. That can be a complete turn off for the buyer.
  • Remove Personal items: Remove all personal items such as family photographs, DIY portraits or anything that can make it hard for the buyer to envision himself/herself in the house.
  • No vehicles in the driveway: It is extremely important to get the perfect shot of the front view of the house. Parking a vehicle in front of the house will block the buyers’ view.


We hope that the above-listed pointers help you attract more buyers and you get the best deal soon. Good Luck!

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