Disrupting real estate: Augmented reality for enhanced user experience

In the digital era, the broker is not the only resort of a home buyer to search for his ‘dream’ house. From buying vegetables to developing and selling real estate, internet and technology have crawled their way into every alternative industry. Realizing the potential of this global development, several builders have employed creative ways to combine internet, technology and real estate.

Travelling to every property in metropolitans can prove to be a hassle because of the rigid schedules and prior commitments of home-seekers. In a bid to solve this issue, several developers have incorporated the concept of virtual walkthroughs of their projects.

Company professionals interact with the consumer, giving all the details of the project via a virtual tour. This makes the customer feel like they are at the site and cuts down their variable of physical presence, which saves their time.

Real estate builders have also taken a step forward in the presentation of their projects. The hard copy brochure has been replaced with live camera feeds and drones. As a result, the customer does not need to travel or ask someone to check up on the project anymore.

Instead, photographs clicked by drones constantly keep the buyer updated with development progress. As a vision of the future, access to live feed via login credentials is being set up by multiple builders to enhance the overall user comfort.

Not only has the development of real estate, but its marketing has also evolved with technology. In exhibitions, developers also use a digital interactive mannequin to provide customer with the information about their projects.

Along with eliminating the aspect of human interaction, it also acted as a way to grasp the customer’s attention in a unique way.  “We had augmented reality where if a barcode is given on the newspaper, people can scan it to get the property details and know the project easily,” say industry experts.

Observing the people from all age groups, daily lifestyle is highly dependent on gadgets. Targeting user interaction in the similar tangent, developers have imbibed the use of touch screen tables. The aim is to help the customer witness his vision of a home come alive through a digital representation. This also helps the buyer to develop a better understanding of the interiors as well as exteriors of the project.

Furthermore, gadgets like iPad and website chat bots are being slowly rolled out in the market for integrated user experience. While they elaborate on the use of technology by a realty builder, the underlying emphasis is on easy information exchange with the buyer. Crisp and clear expression of details increases the chances of converting a potential buyer into a customer.

As technology continues to grow by leaps and bounds, realty developers from all over the country are looking for unique avenues to incorporate the latest inventions and provide the best project experience to their customers.

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