Constructing a house becomes as easy as printing it

What if I told you that you can add a new floor to your home with a phone app rather than hiring a builder. Is it strange? Maybe not after 50 years.

Yes. As absurd as this may sound but 3D printed houses are becoming more popular than you think. We are not talking about some super ambitious project or some research conducted by an academic; we are talking about actual houses being built in residential areas for people to live in!

Habitat for Humanity in Virginia, US, built a house in collaboration with Alquist, a housing company that uses 3D printing to build homes. The house was handed over to April Stringfield, its happy owner. This house was constructed or rather printed in only 28 hours, which means that it took less than 15 per cent of the time to construct a conventional house. 

The cost of construction using the 3D printing process is also significantly low.

“We listed it for $299,999.There are houses in the area that go for $550,000, so it’s almost 50 per cent below” says Kirk Andersen, SQ4D’s director of operations, as quoted by Financial Times, talking about the low cost of a 3D printed house. SQ4D is a construction startup, founded  5 years ago by four construction engineers. According to SQ4D, the cost of the process was just $20,000.

India is also catching up with the technology and got its first 3D printed house in December 2021 at the IIT Madras campus. The 600 square feet house was built by Habitat to Humanity and Tvasta, Manufacturing Solutions, a start-up founded by the alumni of IIT-Madras.

According to Tvasta’s website, 3D printed houses are the solution to affordable housing. According to Andrew Logan the founder of Logan Architecture, this may be the future.

3D printing is easier than traditional methods of construction and does not create large quantities of waste, although its carbon emissions are yet to be determined. It surely is a cheaper and more efficient substitute for conventional methods of construction.

Perhaps in the next few decades, it may end up completely replacing the old process!

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