How co-working space is thriving millennials

If you imagine co-working space as something, where group of millennial’s from startups are sitting, eating and working together in a furnished luxurious space, think again. Because co-working space is also being utilized by large corporations, pushing their employees to grow, learn and network with strangers.

What is co-working space?

Co-working space is defined as a workplace where diverse groups of freelancers, corporate professionals and startups work together in a shared setting. As the concept of co-working space is growing in India, the number of multinational organizations are seeing this space as a solution to the challenges they face in a rented floor.

Apart from saving the cost of rent, wi-fi and electricity, co-working space also provide advantages to the organizations:

A: Creating networks of like minded people:

Working alone creates a barrier between you and people who could help you grow; co-working immediately introduces you to the people having different skill sets and are known to chase their ambition. This space also allows you to pick the things and enact in your business or skill set.

B: Cost Savvy:

If you are planning to rent an office in a well-suited location, you must also know the baggage you will carry, which includes high renting cost, surging electricity and wi-fi costs. No to forget the high lease amount you need to pay to your landlord. Co-working space is turning out to be a blessing for entrepreneurs in terms of cutting costs.

C: Path towards effectiveness:

It is said that an office environment creates a space where energy and mindset can come from interacting with colleagues. According to the study presented on Office Vibe, a co-working space environment makes entrepreneurs productive by 64%, focused by 68% and confident by 90%. Discussing projects with co-working colleagues can make your business more success-driven.

D: Wide Horizons of opportunities:

Yoga, workshops, digital seminars, satiating breakfast, corporate innovation, networking and 101 other activities in the same ridge to foster your professional and personal life.

 From the business prospective, co-working space is helping and funding dreams of many budding entrepreneurs by making cost of space more affordable.



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