Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate: Boost your Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) is what drives the present generation and their needs, especially from over the past few years. Beginning with powered assistants such as the Galaxy, Siri and Amazon, to self-driven cars, and smart recommendations on Netflix, we are using AI as the normal facet of our life.

Even in the world of business, AI has the most impact effects on customer experience and overall relationships, mainly the automation industry has long demanded the use of such inventions, as it improves the effectiveness of their employees. Moreover, for those who want an edge with customer services and customer experience, Artificial Intelligence is the perfect tool.

artificial experience in real estate

 Here are the 3 guiding tips to intelligently use artificial intelligence in real estate business:

  1. Identify specific areas that would benefit AI

    With the boom in market to adopt more flexible ways. You might sway away with mob, and end up paying high price at the expense of boosting customer experience.  It is of utter importance to understand how it can help you better the experience for your real estate business, and then invest a handsome amount of money. For instance, while every real estate business and every other business for the same cause, would love to deploy an automated system to answer the emails. You first need to understand the inflow of mails that you reply to within a day. Only then the potential spending will find its true worth.

  1. Make sure your intelligent tool or platform has a human backend

    While you might end up mistaking artificial intelligence as the god, you are not 100% correct. Though, the systems are designed to handle everything on their own, a recent study confers that it can handle only 35% of the queries when alone. Leaving behind a significant number to be handled by human backend. Furthermore, a human can better understand the emotions and values, which machine cannot.

  1. Be vary of chat UIs:

    Chat based user interface are a popular implementation of chat-windows which randomly pop upon website pages. They showcase a running chat and expect you to join the conversation. While this approach might work as an intelligent approach in some setups, real-estate might not very well collaborate with it. The reason being the level of expectation, which might rise in accordance to the promises made in the chat. Instead you can oft for something similar to Google search engine, which is genuine and a helpful tool to increase customer experience.

Therefore, real estate agents and agencies have still to gain a lot from AI- based technology, especially in areas of customer service, and experience. Besides, if the tips are implemented properly it can still do wonders.

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