Top 7 smart apps for smart realtors

We are living in the 21st century, and technology has touched every aspect of our lives – be it entertainment, grocery shopping or the work we do to earn a living. There are not many industries left today that haven’t been exposed to the magical world of the development of innovative apps. For realtors, too, there are a lot of apps that come handy while dealing with clients. We bring you a list of top 7 productivity apps that would definitely make your life as a realtor much easy. Take a look:

A must-have for every real estate agent, Google Maps is really handy when you are hopping from one property to another with your clients. The indispensable tool guides you to the next address in a totally hassle-free way.
Available on: Web, Android, iOS, Windows Phone
Price: Free

Why go through lengthy calculations, making your clients wait? Mortgage Calculator is here! An easy-to-use tool, Mortgage Calculator helps you understand the repayment requirements of a mortgage. It operates by factoring in a number of important parameters to provide most accurate results. It also helps you with the monthly or bi-weekly mortgage amounts as well as the future mortgage collection dates.
Available on: Web
Price: Free

Real estate agents deal with lots of different metrics: size, weight, volume, length, and sometimes even currency. Vert is an ‘anything and everything’ conversion tool that turns your smartphone into an all-in-one converter that fits in your pocket!
Available on: iOS
Price: Basic version is free, Pro version Rs 130

Cam Scanner enables you to scan documents directly from your mobile device – and makes them look like real scans! Instead of rushing to the office to send out documents, you can now get this done on the go.
Available on: iOS and Android
Price: Free

Dropbox is a simple way to store documents in the cloud and have them accessible from anywhere. As a cloud storage solution that works on pretty much any device one can imagine, it allows you to have your client folders in order and handy whenever needed. You can even share them with clients, lawyers, and other collaborators.
Available on: Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone
Price: Free up to 2GB, premium plans available

Dotloop is an advanced online collaboration tool. As the realtor, you can upload documents and pre-assign those spaces that need a signature from your client. Upon the document being sent over, the client creates an account, verifies their identity, and is guided through the document — without missing any important areas that need to be filled in. Signatures are e-verified and all data is secure and encrypted.
Available on: Web, iOS
Price: Starting at Rs 2,000/month

Facebook Ads are a great opportunity for real estate agents. If you are a realtor, you would really appreciate the mobile command and control center for all of your Facebook ad campaigns. Easily create ads, track the results, start and stop campaigns, even edit the ad budget and schedule all from a phone. You’ll also see ad recommendations based on your top posts, much like the Facebook mobile app.
Available on: iOS and Android
Price: Free

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