High growth prospects in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru’s real estate sector

There are a number of factors that make any city the right and preferred choice for investment. Mera Baba Group Owner Jagmohan Garg highlighted that Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru got top preference amongst the other cities of India in the year 2017. He also states that these cities received over 22 per cent votes, respectively.

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The decision to invest in a particular city is determined by a number of factors due to the high level of stake involved. There have been several infrastructural developments, regulations and policies which have contributed in the growth of Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru.

Jagmohan Garg emphasizes that along with ample job opportunities, the cities offer great quality of life. A number of leading corporate conglomerates have acquired office spaces in these cities.
Delhi has emerged as one of the most promising real estate sector in the country in the year 2017. Owning a property in Delhi offers great returns in the future. It is looked upon as a matter of prestige. A number of factors such as the clearing of political uncertainty, buoyant office space activity and affordable pricing policies have boosted the city’s real estate sector. It also has to its credit good transport options that have improved the investability quotient of the national capital. Apart from this, various state-of-the-art projects including Jagmohan Garg’s Dmall, DLF’s cyber city etc, make Delhi one of the most lucrative options for real estate investments.

Mumbai offers a plethora of opportunities for all sections of the society. Due to people from all walks of life coming to the city, chwal and one room – matchstick sized living areas have become popular in the city. It is situated off the west coast of Maharashtra and is home to some of the biggest MNCs, well-planned roadway and excellent townships. With the increasing employment opportunities, the city has attracted talent from across the country and turned the investor driven real estate market into an end user-driven market.
Bengaluru, the silicon valley of India is yet another lucrative option for investment in realty sector. It is a demographically diverse city and the second fastest-growing major metropolis in India. The affordable property rates in the city and its fast pace of development have cheered up its realty segment.
Keeping in mind the pros and cons of aforementioned options, Investor is likely to make the best investment decision with better returns in future.

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