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Illegal construction has been a termite in India’s real estate development. Lack of awareness is deemed as the biggest problem in the country. Illegal construction impacts regional planning in an adverse way. Such constructions have become a menace and people need to be made aware of it so that there is a greater degree of due diligence at the level of consumers.

There is no surprise that such constructions are done knowingly, with an understanding of how adversely they affect a region’s development plans. Developers are violating municipal codes and standards purely for financial benefits. It is done with an ulterior motive of extracting funds at the cost of disregarding the law.

Besides having mercenary motives, there is also a section of builders who only needs to be made aware. Education of developers is as important as that of the buyers.

The main reason behind such an increase in numbers of illegal constructions is the population explosion which needs as many housing facilities. Records show that every developing city has 30% to 60% of its population living in illegal constructions or unauthorized developments like slums. This leads to total mismanagement of resources and pollution. Besides, people are also devoid of basic amenities like piped water, electricity, proper drainage system and so on.

Unauthorized constructions may start with small houses but soon develop into high rise buildings. Such buildings are often hit the hardest because of climatic upheavals. The legal constructions which are beside unauthorized constructions are also at a higher risk of physical and even social damage.

People who are living in such areas are not eligible for any loans which relate to the development of their residences or businesses running at such places as banks will not accept illegal structures as collateral. Also, multi-level buildings at such areas might cost the owner his whole life savings.

The government of India has not been very strict towards illegal constructions and only in the last decade has the government realized the menace caused by them. It is high time that something strict should be done in order to prevent such constructions for a better future of India’s realty sector.

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