Balcony Gardening Tips For Apartment Residents.

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Being devoid of a courtyard cannot bar you from having a beautiful garden. Even the balcony gardens prove to be cozy, convenient, and absolutely alluring. According to the Modi Builders Review, here are some tips for creating an outdoor, lush space which you’ll definitely love.

Check the weight-bearing capacity of your balcony

Buy the voluminous and weighty concrete pots and other gardening containers, only after ensuring that your balcony is able to bear the weight. If it holds your weight, it’s certainly strong enough to hold a casual balcony garden. But before putting on too much weight on your balcony, check with your property developer or landlord before planning to do anything extensive. It’s always better to seek advice before setting up your plant containers out there.

Begin with a few pots

If you have commenced recently and lack gardening experience, avoid stuffing your balcony with too many plants at once. Take some time to get acquainted. Begin with 3 to 5 plants and once you have the ability to grow plants well, go for more.

Consider Three Important Factors

Choosing the types of plants to put on your balcony depends on three important factors:

  • The type of climate you are living in
  • The facing direction of your balcony and its exposure to the sunlight
  • The amount of time which you can spend on taking care of your plants

However, a north facing, a shaded balcony is not suitable to plant flowering plants. Initially, buy 3-5 annual flowering plants and perennials. Perennials that are local and most appropriate in your climate are the first ones you must try. A rose flower is all time favorite although it requires proper maintenance.

Buy Garden Accessories and Pebbles

Buy a handful of small garden accessories to beautify your balcony garden. In addition, place pebbles, gravels, and colorful stones above the soil to make it look attractive. Apart from acting as mulch, it will also give a stunning look to your plant containers.

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