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A dream that you dream of alone remains a dream but a dream that we dream of together, transforms into a reality!

Sanali Group, whose reputation as a pioneer in the world of real estate precedes its name, has always been ambitious to create awe-inspiring structures that the world has marveled at. Dreams are made up of exotic thoughts. We understand this notion and diligently work with you to realize your dreams.Sanali-group

Under the esteemed leadership of a young and dynamic entrepreneur Mohammed Noorul Haq and partners, all belonging to a close-knit family, Sanali Group has reached a pinnacle that is absolutely remarkable. Mohammed Noorul Haq ‘s ingenuity has always kept the Sanali Group from faltering. His unparalleled brilliance is aptly reflected by the awards that have been conferred to him, including the “Gem of India award’, ‘Rashtriya Gaurav award ‘and many more. He currently serves as the Vice president of the prestigious Andhra Pradesh Builders Association.

The ever-grilling competition in the domain of real estate stresses on the survival of the fittest. We have not only survived, but have flourished; and we take pride in that. Since the initiation of the group, we have shown tremendous perseverance to create a respectable stature for us and not even a single day has gone by when we haven’t strived to live up to this hard earned reputation.

With a steady vision of creating a bench mark at every step, we have earned credibility for us that is second to none. Our planning, execution and efforts are exemplary. Be it residential apartments or shopping malls, IT parks or housing colonies, Sanali Group has carved a niche for itself in whichever realty domain  it has ventured  into. No challenge has been able to deter us from our path. Every challenge that we have come across has been an opportunity to evolve. Remax Constructions, the flagship company of Sanali group and a forerunner construction company is to be widely credited for transforming Hyderabad into a Hi-Tech city.

What sets Sanali Group apart from other real estate companies, other than its futuristic vision, is its ability to earn a customer’s trust. All our strategies are shaped keeping a customer’s comfort at the centre. The company explicitly focuses on creating structures that are safe but at the same time contemporary in their approach. Special emphasis is laid upon choosing a construction site that will benefit the customers the most. Sanali Group‘s construction ensures that a healthy and safe environment is provided to the customers. Having such an eye for detail corroborates the fact that all our constructions employ cutting edge technology combined with superior innovation in terms of designing and layout.

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